Meeting Date:   10/16/2017 - 7:00 PM
Category:   District Reports
Type:   Info
Subject:   Information Report #1710-09 - Construction Project Expenditure and Interfund Transfer Summaries
File Attachment:  
Interfund Transfer Accounting-Addition and Remodel.pdf
Bond Proceeds Reconciliation.pdf
Summary In order to keep the Board of Education informed about capital project expenditures for the current addition/remodeling project at East Campus, I have attached a summary of the capital expenditures and the related interfund transfers for the project. The summary includes separate columns to account for the expenditures, interfund transfers, and funding information. In addition, now that the District has received the 2017 bond proceeds, I have also attached an additional report that tracks the total bond proceeds available for funding the project. When these proceeds run out, the remaining project expenditures will be funded by the Operations and Maintenance Fund and impact and site construction fees accumulated in funds 61 and 62.
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Stefanie Croix - Director of Business Services
Signed By:  
Todd P. Wernet, Ed.D. - Superintendent