Meeting Date:   10/16/2017 - 7:00 PM
Category:   Freedom of Information Request
Type:   Info
Subject:   Freedom of Information Requests (2)
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Summary Ms. Corinne Cutrone
C & C Promos, Inc.
Harness Lane
Levittown, NY 11756
Requested the names of the PTA/PTO President or fundraising chairperson(s) for Lockport Township High School District 205 to update their files for the new school year.
The District replied that LTHS does not have a APA/PTO but fundraising is usually done through Brian Lessner, Activities Director, or James Prunty, Athletic Director.

Kirk Allen
American Watchdogs Inc.
7060 Illinois Highway 1
Paris, Illinois 61944

1. A copy of all debt currently held by the School District in any form to include but not limited to, lines of credit, financial institution, bonds, credit card
2. A copy of all payment structures for that debt that reflects principal payment, interest payment, and time frame of those obligations.
3. A copy of all compensation provided to the Superintendent.
4. A copy of the Superintendents employment contract.
5. A copy of the minutes and agenda where the Superintendents contract was approved.
The District complied with this request.
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Signed By:  
Todd P. Wernet, Ed.D. - Superintendent