Meeting Date:   11/18/2019 - 7:00 PM
Category:   District Reports
Type:   Info
Subject:   Information Report #1911-08 - Affirmative Action Plan 2019-2020
Enclosure At the time the Board of Education adopted its Affirmative Action Plan, it was agreed that an annual update should be utilized so as to keep the Board members apprised of the status of the plan.

Inherent to the District's Affirmative Action Plan was the notion that, ideally, the workforce engaged in providing education services to the students would mirror the minority percentages representative of our student population. This ideal, coupled with factors such as potential work force and availability of professional staff, guided our goal-setting process.

Keeping the above information in mind, the following pages contain:

1. Narrative
2. Graphic Illustrations
3. Affirmative Action Goals
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Affirmative Action Plan 2019.pdf
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Anthony Cundari - Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
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Robert McBride Ed.D - Superintendent